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Passion and creativity: the company was founded in 1986 as a result of the meeting between Giuseppe Bertani and fashion designer Cristina Gavioli. It was the beginning of a partnership founded on an incredible harmony and combination of intentions that breathed life into collections designed for the female universe and its variegated set of diverse ranges of moods, always different but linked by the need to feel at ease in all situations, from the most commonplace ones to those in which the woman sets great stock in her image and its presentation.


One of the company’s main strengths was its immediate ability to offer a wide range of stylish clothes, suitable for the most exclusive occasions but also characterised by simplicity and refinement, so easily adapted to fit perfectly with everyday life. Over time, the brand, with headquarters in Carpi, in the heart of one of the most important fashion districts, has succeeded in drawing the attention of the general public thanks to its perfect combination of quality and price. With production based on fine quality Italian craftsmanship, and a constant, careful quest to maintain a style that is always on trend, year after year, Cristina Gavioli has approached the large export market, creating a close-knit commercial network that boasts partners from Europe to the United States and from Russia to Asia. Today, each collection launched is fruit of the right balance between the knitwear itself and its role in the total look, offering positive responses to each specific requirement requested by the world of fashion. Over the last few years, as a result of the market’s demand for a fast fashion product, the brand launched Olivia Hops; an intentional move away from the standard collection, both in terms of colour and themes, creating a new, autonomous line that is trend-sensitive and always up-to-date. From a strategic point of view, today the company has begun making a series of investments in advertising and communication that involve continuous partnerships between the press and social marketing initiatives designed to fully disseminate a corporate image in line with the communication objectives and the new related tools. Evolution and dynamism have always characterised the development of Cristina Gavioli but femininity, refinement and elegance are the common denominator that accompanies each garment produced. And indeed, these are the values that have always epitomised our mission, ever since our company was founded.

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